A Rich History, Across Centuries - Le Vian

Le Vian at Boyd Jewelers, Wesley Chapel

A Rich History, Across Centuries - Le Vian

Le Vian is a family-owned jewelry company with a long history, dating from the 15th century. As purveyors of fine jewelry, Le Vian had gained such a reputation that in 1746, Nadir Shah, one Persia’s most powerful rulers, chose them to safeguard the collection of jewels he had amassed — including the famous Kooh-i- Noor diamond. A rich history, across centuries.

Le Vian is known for its LOVE of reinventing several categories of fine jewelry through unique combinations of colors of diamonds, gems and gold to create the various collections. In an industry where copying is all too common, Le Vian insists on having every design start with an original idea, sketched out with pencil and paper. This time and effort spent in new designs has led to an estimated 100,000 original designs created by Le Vian over the years. Today, Le Vian is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy-color diamond and gemstone jewelry.

It is Le Vian’s innovative use of colors that led the company to seek out the under-appreciated brown diamonds and popularize the deep-colored stones as Chocolate Diamonds®. To ensure that jewelry buyers would be certain of getting diamonds of only the highest quality, Le Vian trademarked the Chocolate Diamonds® name. This is just one example of Le Vian bringing jewelry to consumers that no other company has.

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Not Just A Survivor, But A Thriver In Life

Pretty Lovely You

Not Just A Survivor, But A Thriver In Life

Denise Peske is not just a survivor of Breast Implant Illness, but a thriver in life.

For over 13 years, Denise suffered from debilitating pain and unexplainable illnesses until she discovered the source was her breast implants. She had been so ill for many years that she decided her health was more important than her breast size. She didn’t think twice and had the implants removed on April 9, 2019. Her health has been improving ever since.

The catalyst of the problem was the lack of self-confidence and poor self-body image she carried. A reflection of what so many women experience. Her journey to wellness was that of learning lessons and helping others. She decided she needed to not just advocate about the health risks with implants, but help other girls and women with the same body image struggles she did. 

Denise received the Butterfly Award through ALPHA House of Pinellas based on her journey to health where they stated “In Denise we see the confidence, intent and intensity of a person who feels blessed to have a second chance – a person who sees their second chance as a path and mandate to make the world better.” 

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"Shine Like the Star You Are" with Belle Étoile’s Jewelry

Belle Étoile Jewelry

In French, Belle Étoile means shining star. That is why a delightful radiance permeates throughout all our creations. Designed to reflect the latest European fashion trends, our dazzling selection of exquisite jewelry enhances the lifestyle of the modern woman. Belle Étoile adheres to the philosophy of combining natural beauty and grace with the marriage of high-quality craftsmanship and outstanding designs to give you the fun, beauty, and excellence that you expect from Belle Étoile.

With just one look, it’s no doubt that Belle Étoile jewelry is made to make an original statement. Honestly, one of the most exciting things about this designer is the diversity among their rings, necklace pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Their high-quality enamel work features surface design of everything under the sky: from geometric shapes and circles, to floral designs, to artistic patterns using bold colors, exquisite enamel, sparkly cubic zirconia, and shiny sterling silver.

Some standout pendant necklaces are pieces like the Pashmina Pendant, which layers flowers and patterns in an asymmetrical square, outlined in light blue. This piece is simply like wearing a lovely, tiny painting! Or, step out for an evening while wearing the Butterfly Kisses pendant, which features a black background and butterflies rendered in a stained-glass style. Regardless of the occasion, Belle Étoile necklaces are sure to enhance your outfit.

Bangles are another great way to add some punch to your look. With so many fashionable styles from Belle Étoile, you just might want to pick a bangle for each day of the week! 

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Surviving Lockdown with a Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse

By Jeff Boyd, Boyd Jewelers - Wesley Chapel, FL

If you’re selling gold or silver, you want to get the best price available. Perhaps you’ve been buying gold & silver for many years and now you think it’s time to offload some of your collection. Or maybe you’ve inherited some gold & silver from a family member or are cleaning out your broken or damaged jewelry. Whatever your case may be, we look at all the most important things you should consider before you sell your gold or silver, including:

  • Getting a fair price
  • Selling different forms of gold and silver (coins, bars, jewelry, scrap metal)
  • Where to sell your gold and silver

Whenever you decide the time is right for selling gold and silver, the three primary factors to consider are price, convenience and safety.

What’s a Fair Price for Your Gold & Silver? The question everyone asks when selling precious metals is what price they’ll get. So, how do you know how much your gold & silver is worth? Here are some of the factors that determine how much you could potentially receive when you sell your gold or silver.

Selling Gold & Silver Jewelry - It’s difficult to get the same resale value when selling your gold and silver jewelry than other bullion products. This is because most jewelry today includes an alloy along with other decorative pieces. Since it is not pure gold or silver, its value is more subjective. A refiner has to melt it down and refine it before making a bar, coin, round or even more jewelry. This additional labor means most jewelry today will fetch a lower resale price than what was paid for it.

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Not Just A Survivor, But A Thriver In Life

Resale shopping attracts consumers from all economic levels. There is no typical resale shopper, just as there is no typical resale shop. No one is immune to the excitement of finding a treasure and saving money. According to America’s Research Group, a consumer research firm, about 18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store during a given year. For consignment/resale shops, it’s about 15%.

The resale market is blossoming thanks to value and sustainable conscious consumers. As concerns over the environmental impact of fast fashion increase, consumers recognize the inherent sustainability factor of shopping resale. We are progressing from a disposable society to a recycling society—a change that has enormous market potential for the resale industry as a whole. After all, "Resale is the ultimate in Recycling!"

Vintage, it seems, is increasingly in vogue across the board. A study shows that last year, 64% of women were willing to buy pre-owned pieces compared with 45% the year before – and it is thought that by 2028, 13% of the clothes in women’s wardrobes are likely to be secondhand. And it’s not just clothing, “vintage” includes jewelry and accessories!

Aside from an increased awareness of sustainability, Vintage fashion fits neatly into the wider mood of the Instagram age, where authenticity and originality – not being seen in the same outfit as anyone else – are highly prized. What better way to stand out than to wear clothes few others are likely to own? Vintage naysayers who may have been put off in the past have begun to think differently.

But there can be blurred lines between secondhand and Vintage. Some say Vintage means any era up to the early 80s, while others see it as clothing that is more than 20 years old. It’s not cut in stone. It all comes down to the buyer and what they are looking for. The most important thing is that it’s recycled – it encourages people not to go out and buy more. It adds to the  sustainability factor that is so prevalent today and pushes us away from being tagged as a “throw away” society.

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Benefits of Salt Room Therapy

Vintage Clothing the LOUDEST conversation in Fashion


Resale shopping attracts consumers from all economic levels. There is no typical resale shopper, just as there is no typical resale shop. No one is immune to the excitement of finding a treasure and saving money. According to America’s Research Group, a consumer research firm, about 18% of Americans will shop at a thrift store during a given year. For consignment/resale shops, it’s about 15%.

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