"Paint with Beautiful Color!" "Inspired by Love, Joy, Peace & Serenity!" - Natalia Londono

Natalia Londono

"Paint with Beautiful Color!" "Inspired by Love, Joy, Peace & Serenity!"

It's my story on how I found my purpose in life to help others find their God-given talent.

Columbian born Natalia Londono has a love of bright, vibrant, happy color. Natalia was born and raised surrounded by the love of Family. First- her Father was her Hero. Natalia came to this country in 2015 and focused on raising her children with the loving assistance and support of her Father. She never experimented in the arts. She had no formal training. Being a full time, single parent she had no time nor interest. When her Father passed away of colon cancer Thanksgiving 2017, she was devastated. Her grief consumed her. Early in her grief, she had a dream - she was taken to her Father's transcended Reality. His Paradise. He walked with her through a beautiful countryside. He waved his arm around a rock covered hill and told her to Paint. "Paint with beautiful color!", he instructed. The dream was so real, that she felt his complete presence. She woke and knew what she must do. She told her family "I must Paint!" 

Not questioning her sudden and new desire to paint, her family supported her completely! "Paint what, mi Amor?" they asked her. "Rocks!" she answered with absolute certainty. From that day forward, Natalia has taken paint to brush (and toothpick) with no pattern, no instruction, and created stunning Mandala masterpieces. Her heart has reunited with her beloved Father, her ROCK. 

Over the past year and a half, Natalia has created hundreds of stunning art pieces. In addition to Rock painting, Natalia has expanded her products to include household items such as flower pots, trivets and serving trays. Each piece is inspired by Love, Joy, Peace and Serenity. Natalia is keeping her Father's dream alive by making her world a colorful Paradise. When asked about Mandalas, she explains, "I don't know. I just look at the colors and before I know it, a perfect Mandala has come to life!" 

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