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10 Questions with Shirley Ann Lamb

  1. Do you listen to music while you create, if so, what is your favorite? Sometimes I listen to an assortment of classic rock and country music when I'm creating. Mostly I sit quietly in my studio. 

  2. When did you first start painting? I completed my first oil painting in early 1986. That's when I first realized that I wanted to be an artist. After I retired from my work career I decided to give art my full attention. Best decision I have ever made. 

  3. Who or what influences your work the most? My favorite artist is Christian Lassen. I love his bold colors and attention to details. His dramatic seascapes appeal to my creative senses. Coastal and inland Florida scenery influenced me the most. It's so diverse. 

  4. Do you have a goal with the pieces that you create? Initially, I have an idea in mind, but each piece takes its own path. To make a joyous connection with the person looking at it is my ultimate goal.

  5. Which current world art trends are you following? I like to look at the world market and see what types of art people are buying and how they are buying it.  

  6. Where can a consumer find your work to purchase? I have a "Shop Now"  button on my Shirley Ann Lamb Studio  Facebook art page or from my Etsy shop. For information or for commissions you can reach my studio directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  7. What female do you look up to most and why? I look up to the women in my immediate family the most. They are strong, determined women that meet opposition head on. They are problem solvers. They never give up. Most of all, they show love and kindness to all humanity.

  8. What is your idea of a perfect weekend? My husband and I have a 15 acre ranch and 20 animals that call it home. I love it when friends or family come to visit. Everyone has a good time cooking and playing with all of the animals. 

  9. What do you hate?  Not much really. I'm more of a lover.

10. What is the single thing that brings you the most joy? I wake up each and every morning knowing I get to do what means the most to me... Living my best life and making the best art that I can possibly create.

Studio life...


Shirley Ann Lamb, a native of central Florida, remembers its timeless beauty. Whether it was looking upon the palmetto-sprinkled pastures that seemed to go on forever or a trip to one of the many nearby beaches, old Florida is forever imprinted on her artist spirit, and continues to influence her art today. She also has a whimsical side, portrayed in the vivid and colorful paintings of her black cat Frankie Jo Leigh.

Residing in Effingham County, Georgia, Shirley Ann Lamb is inspired by the areas beautiful green pastures that contrast with the natural wetlands. Dramatic sunsets and natures raw beauty are illustrated in many of her paintings and photography.

From her earliest years, Shirley Ann Lamb was mesmerized by the beauty and power of the equine spirit. She has been a lover and owner of horses throughout her life, and this passion for the animal can be seen in many of her works.

As a Military Wife, Shirley Ann Lamb traveled extensively throughout her life. During her travels of the American Southwest and Mexico, she was captivated by the awesome beauty of the desert landscape. Arizona red rocks became one of her favorite subjects to paint.

She was busy in the Studio last summer creating several new series of paintings, working feverishly to place all of the beautiful sea-creatures into her art world. The Mermaid is the communicator between all of them. She goes from one to the other listening or sharing all their secrets. All of the characters in the paintings have lots of bold details that are whimsical, colorful and vibrant.

Turtles are “The Drifters”. They all have in common larger than life, soulful, expressive eyes that seem to say they know secrets. The hawk-billed sea turtle seems to jump out of the paintings, while gazing at you with his 'larger than life' eyes. The hawk-billed sea turtle is on the endangered list, so I specifically chose it to portray the turtles in the paintings.

Mermaids are “The Secrets”. Receiving and sharing tales with members of the underwater world. The Secrets series, which features a red-headed mermaid communicating with various under water sea creatures; keeping or sharing all their secrets.

Dolphins are “The Travelers”. They pass quietly through the waters guiding the others ever so gently to safe and beautiful dwellings.

Octopus are “The Seers”. They can see into the future. So they tell mystical tales to their friends. They all gather around to hear them.

So stay tuned in friends! Lots of new works to come in 2020.


Shirley Ann Lamb

Shirley was born Oct 17, 1950 in Winter Haven, Florida. She currently resides with her husband of 23 years in Rincon, GA. She has a 650sqft  home studio and her art company is named Shirley Ann Lamb Studio, Inc.

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