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Sacred Stone MessagesTM

Maria DeSousa

"Trials, Tribulations, Reminders, ConfirmationsTM"

By Maria deSousa

 Sacred Stone Messages are inspiring heart based words and designs handcrafted onto beach stones. Sculpted by Mother Nature over the millennia, each stone is unique in color, size, texture, and shape, inspired by our Spirit God and as unique as the stone itself.   

Sacred Stone Messages was started after a long healing journey from childhood and adult traumas.  One day walking on the beach in New England, I looked at the beach stones and wished that I could pick up one that would have a message that would confirm/affirm what I was thinking and feeling. Of course, I dismissed the thought. Much later however, I decided to create my own inspiring words on stones that I had brought home.  From there I discovered that each time I gave someone a stone, (I always carry some with me), they received a reminder or confirmation of what they needed to hear at that moment in their lives. 

Soon after, I discovered that each time someone took a stone, there were words that I felt I needed to convey to the individual. The messages began to reveal themselves each time a stone was chosen or given. It was nerve wracking for me since I am naturally shy and an introvert.

As time went on, other creativity started to present itself. I could see and feel new thoughts, ideas and designs and brought them to creation. Having all of these ideas, I decided to start Sacred Stone Messages as a company creating the stone messages and other products. 

Once the stones are completed, I create various products using different combinations of the stones. These include inspirational soapstone boxes in various sizes, filled with stones, each with a different word and design. There are also various canvas prints, mugs, and 3D art using the stones, shells, sand and other materials.  The words on the stones as well as the combination of stones can be customized. Other products include wedding/party favors with a stone and a message on a scroll in a small canvas bag, or wedding vows on a scroll that can be framed after the ceremony.  

These make wonderful gifts for anyone in someone’s life including bridal party gifts, clients, employees, recovering addicts, cancer patients, and of course, loved ones – a sister, a mom, a friend, a teacher, anyone that needs some daily inspiration. 

My experience has shown me that God/Life sends messages to each of us through all of its creations. We just have to pay attention, listen and not ignore the little nudges inside.  Life will always give us trials and tribulations, and in the midst of it all we receive reminders and confirmations.  Sometimes we have to listen to the silence of our hearts instead of the busyness in our heads. 

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 603.851.1196. 

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