Would YOU Spray Disinfectant Then EAT A Meal Off The Dish?

 Would YOU Spray Disinfectant Then EAT A Meal Off The Dish?

By Philip Metzler

Would you spray disinfectant onto a dirty dish and then eat a meal off of it? 

No? Well, why not? The disinfectant states it removes 99.9% of germs, so the plate is clean right? If it disturbs you to even think about eating off of a dirty plate that’s covered with disinfectant; then let’s think about how often we use hand sanitizer or Lysol spray thinking that this product makes our hands or surroundings “clean.” There is a great misconception in our society on what “clean” truly means. You cannot just spray something on top of dirt and grime and expect it to be clean. Germs and filth are not the same thing. What should you do if a child sneezes into their hand? Of course, you can lather their hands with hand sanitizer and those germs won’t be alive to spread; however, the boogers will still be on their hands just waiting to be smeared somewhere. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to touch a booger whether it has active germs or not. 

There is no substitute to taking the time to properly wash something that is dirty. You have to wash a dish before you can use it again; just like you have to properly wash your hands in order for them to be clean again. There is no replacement to soap and water and a good old-fashioned wipe down. 

Don’t be fooled by a company that states they can come to your home or business and just spray or fog some disinfectant and it will give you a clean environment. Think about all of the surfaces that have been touched, all the dust that has been settled (let’s not get into what dust is made of), and of course, all of the secretions that have been smeared across those surfaces. In order to have a truly clean environment, you have to remove the dust and secretions, we call this biofilm. The biofilm on surfaces has to be removed before you can spray a disinfectant on to that surface. The disinfectant has to have a clean surface to stick to for it to be effective; this is the foundation to a clean environment. 

What is Germ Masters? Germ Masters is not a janitorial or house cleaning company; it is an Infection Protection service. Germ Masters is trained & certified in removing and preventing harmful germs and viruses in residential and commercial environments. Unlike typical janitorial services, Germ Masters has expertise in handling germs and viruses by using appropriate step-by-step procedures that ensure every surface is properly cleaned and sanitized. We use specialized organic, EPA-registered products with electro-static spray technology that allows us to leave a protective polymer barrier behind on the surface to prevent germs from sticking again. 

How would you use Germ Masters service? You would use this service in conjunction with your typical house cleaning or janitorial service. Think about it like a visit to the dentist; you go to the dentist about 2-3 times a year to get a deep cleaning and to protect your teeth and gums from harmful cavities or plaque. However, you still brush your teeth every day to keep them clean. You would use Germ Masters in the same sense; you would still keep a clean home or business, but you would have Germ Masters come in every couple of months to maintain that protective barrier, preferably right after a deep clean. We offer extended protection against germs and viruses. 

Germ Master’s mission is to protect our clients by producing a safe and clean environment for them to thrive in. We are specialists in removing germs and viruses; this is what we do. We’ve been doing this before the Coronavirus reared its ugly head, and we’ll still be doing this after the current pandemic fades away. Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, there has been an influx in “disinfecting service companies”, don’t be fooled by a pop-up company. You wouldn’t go to the dermatologist for a broken arm; don’t go to a carpet cleaner to remove germs from your environment. When it comes to the health and safety of yourself and others, only trust experts in that field; Germ Masters is that expert.

Germ Masters’ founder, Philip Metzler, is a certified infectious control specialist. His background is in insurance litigation which lead him to the path of damage restoration. He opened this own company, 24/7 Complete Restoration in 2015. After dealing with over 15 years of insurance claims, he came to the realization that the insurance companies were preventing hard-working homeowners from receiving not only their earned money but also their owed benefits. His mission is to “restore integrity back into the community.” Through his restoration company he has been able to help hundreds of home and business owners to receive the restoration their homes or businesses needed, as well as, education on how to secure the proper settlements their insurance companies owed them. Through the training of water, fire, trauma and mold remediation he realized how dangerous germs and viruses are to our daily environments; so, he educated himself and further trained with a well renowned trainer in how to properly remove germs and viruses in order to produce a clean and healthy environment. This training, along with the assistance of a chemist and hygienist, lead to the start of Germ Masters in 2019, a new division of 24/7 Complete Restoration. Germ Masters’ mission is to protect businesses and families from harmful germs and viruses. Through education and awareness, Philip wants the community to understand what “clean” really means and how we all need to work together to help maintain a clean and healthy environment. The simplest action of washing your hands with soap and water can help lessen the spread of harmful germs; and this is a process we can all easily do.

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