Writing & Storytelling

By Tara Richter

The floor is covered with crayons, construction paper and ribbons. Her hands are sticky with rubber paste as she stacks the thick papers together. She punches holes in the left-hand side, then threads the ribbon through all the pages and ties a knot to secure them together. A big grin creeps across her face as she flips through the pages admiring the drawings and reading the story. It’s 1982 and Tara just created her first book at 5 years old. 


Writing and storytelling has always been her passion. She went on to take as many English classes as she could. She wrote endless stories throughout high school and college, while fostering passions for both computers and the arts. Ms. Richter received a degree in Electronic Imaging and Graphic Design in 1998. 


Tara worked in the copy and print industry after college until finally getting a “real job” in the mortgage industry. She worked tirelessly in the high-stress, fast-paced industry for almost 10 years. It was thankless, soul draining work. During this time, she was also in a toxic marriage. Finally, everything came to a head when she had enough emotional abuse, filed for divorce and quit her job. She hit rock bottom at 32 years old and had no idea what she was going to do with her life. Broke and depressed, she confided in a friend who told her to go beat up the gym equipment. “Take out your frustration on the treadmill.” So, she drove to the gym hopped on the treadmill and after five minutes the endorphins started flowing and then she remembered what her emotional outlet always was: writing! 


She jumped off the treadmill, raced home and opened her computer. The thoughts started racing through her mind. Her fingers couldn’t type fast enough. It didn’t make a lot of sense at first, the story line was all over the place and the grammar was horrible. But that didn’t matter, the creative flood gates were open! She wrote 10,000 some words that day. It was the beginning of her first book that was published in 2012. 


That first book landed her on tv and radio stations all over the world. She continued to write and publish 12 more of her own books, which then lead to her opening her own publishing house in 2014. Richter Publishing has now published over 100 books with 40  Amazon Best Sellers from authors all over the world. 


One of her first clients in the publishing house was Kevin Harrington from the ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank. She met him when joining an entrepreneurial bootcamp in Tampa, Florida. It was an amazing experience that launched her company to stardom. Her company published his joint authored book, “How to Catch a Shark” in 2016. It went on to become an international best seller. 


Richter’s company is a unique solution for authors as she created the packages while she was wiring and publishing her own books. She knows new authors frustrations first hand. Her indie house solves these problems. They can do everything from ghost writing the book for you, to editing your rough draft and publishing on distribution
channels all over the world. It just depends upon how much help you need and your budget. 


They also have media solutions to make you an expert in your industry. If you have a book idea burning to get out of you, then contact them for a free 20 minute books discovery session. www.richterpublishing.com

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