Maria DeSousa - Sacred Stone Messages

Sacred Stone MessagesTM

Maria DeSousa

"Trials, Tribulations, Reminders, ConfirmationsTM"

By Maria deSousa

 Sacred Stone Messages are inspiring heart based words and designs handcrafted onto beach stones. Sculpted by Mother Nature over the millennia, each stone is unique in color, size, texture, and shape, inspired by our Spirit God and as unique as the stone itself.   

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"Paint with Beautiful Color!" "Inspired by Love, Joy, Peace & Serenity!" - Natalia Londono

Natalia Londono

"Paint with Beautiful Color!" "Inspired by Love, Joy, Peace & Serenity!"

It's my story on how I found my purpose in life to help others find their God-given talent.

Columbian born Natalia Londono has a love of bright, vibrant, happy color. Natalia was born and raised surrounded by the love of Family. First- her Father was her Hero. Natalia came to this country in 2015 and focused on raising her children with the loving assistance and support of her Father. She never experimented in the arts. She had no formal training. Being a full time, single parent she had no time nor interest. When her Father passed away of colon cancer Thanksgiving 2017, she was devastated. Her grief consumed her. Early in her grief, she had a dream - she was taken to her Father's transcended Reality. His Paradise. He walked with her through a beautiful countryside. He waved his arm around a rock covered hill and told her to Paint. "Paint with beautiful color!", he instructed. The dream was so real, that she felt his complete presence. She woke and knew what she must do. She told her family "I must Paint!" 

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African Continental Finalist 2021-Karen Benedette Sequeira

Karen Benedette Sequeira

African Continental Finalist 2021

The Africa pageant was started in the year 2001 by Carolyn Baldwin-Botha, CEO of Pageants SA and who is known as the Mother of Pageantry in South Africa. Carolyn has produced literally thousands of titleholders nationally and international winners over the past 19 years, including Miss Africa which started in 2001 and Mrs Africa which began in the year 2006, with charity work being the golden thread that links this dynamic pageant system together.

With the years, came new opportunities, dynamics and most of all a movement to give dignity back to people in Africa. “Think about what you will say to someone if you can’t even give them hope.” The truth behind these words came with meeting extraordinary women in horrific circumstances, and we learnt that you can give someone at least their dignity back under any circumstances and we vowed to use the powerful platform of the Africa Pageants to make a significant change on the African Continent.

Carolyn expanded the Africa Pageant Brand for the first time into Africa in 2016, thus making it the first of its kind on the African Continent. With the passion and vision to make a significant and sustainable difference in Africa, the Africa Pageants Brand has grown tremendously over the last 3 years.

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From Hospice Employee to an Intuitive Grief Coach by Lisa Washington


From Hospice Employee to an Intuitive Grief Coach

Lisa Washington, Author

Lisa Y. Washington is the author of the entitled book A Caregiver in The Last Hours: My Heartfelt Stories on Death and Dying, a Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Grief Coach. She has spent over twenty years of caring and helping people to value themselves and live a better quality of life; emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Lisa has served as a CNA, Administrative Assistant, and Scheduler with organizations such as Hospice (17 years) and Humana (5 years). Her current role with Humana is Community Health Educator.

Deciding she wanted to make a larger impact, Lisa has packaged her experience and passion into her signature coaching program, Soul Coaching.

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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the 1862 defeat of the French by the Mexican army at the Battle of Puebla. That battle occurred during the Franco-Mexican War, which was an invasion of Mexico launched by the French in 1861. 

The French invaded Mexico as a result of newly elected Mexican President Benito Juarez's decision to suspend interest payments on loans the country took out from foreign countries. France was one such creditor, but the French were not the only country to send troops to Mexico in response to Juarez's decision. 

Spain and Great Britain also sent troops to Veracruz, but both countries entered negotiations with Mexico and ultimately withdrew their forces. However, France, under the leadership of Napoleon III, wanted to ensure access to Latin American markets. 

The French naval fleet's arrival in Veracruz forced President Juarez and his government to retreat. Months later, Juarez's force of 2,000 squared off against 6,000 French troops at the Battle of Puebla. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Mexican forces claimed victory, losing fewer than 100 men while French casualties numbered nearly 500. While the victory itself did not prove a major win in the war against the French, it symbolized the strength of the Mexican people and served to strengthen the resistance movement. 

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Shirley Ann Lamb - artist

10 Questions with Shirley Ann Lamb

  1. Do you listen to music while you create, if so, what is your favorite? Sometimes I listen to an assortment of classic rock and country music when I'm creating. Mostly I sit quietly in my studio. 

  2. When did you first start painting? I completed my first oil painting in early 1986. That's when I first realized that I wanted to be an artist. After I retired from my work career I decided to give art my full attention. Best decision I have ever made. 

  3. Who or what influences your work the most? My favorite artist is Christian Lassen. I love his bold colors and attention to details. His dramatic seascapes appeal to my creative senses. Coastal and inland Florida scenery influenced me the most. It's so diverse. 

  4. Do you have a goal with the pieces that you create? Initially, I have an idea in mind, but each piece takes its own path. To make a joyous connection with the person looking at it is my ultimate goal.

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10 Questions with MARIA ORTIZ-HAYNES


1. Do you listen to music while you create, and if so, what is your favorite?

Yes, of course! To connect to my heritage (Cuban and African-American), I listen to Salsa music a lot – El Gran Combo, Celia Cruz – and Classic Soul music, as well as 40’s music like Duke Ellington and Count Basie.  Also, to change the mood, I love some classical as well, especially Vivaldi and Yo-Yo Ma.  All of these genres transport me to a tranquil, creative space and for me the music still lingers in most of my finished work.


2. When did you first start making art?

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